Charlotte Bonde Tamm

Charlotte has considerable experience in investment banking. Most resent she founded an Investor Relations- and communication firm, FIRM Advisory. Charlotte is former Head of Capital Introduction at SEB Enskilda with specific focus on raising assets for alternative fund strategies. Prior to this Charlotte worked in various trading functions at SEB, such as Arbitrage Trading, Special situations trading and Stock lending. Charlotte also has had client responsibilities for counterparts as banks, financial institutions, corporates, and Swedish municipalities.

Charlotte graduated from the University of Stockholm, BSc (Econ), Accounting and Financial Management.

Alec Lingorski

Alec joined Alvine Capital in 2012, with a focus on extending the reach into the Nordic investor market and enhancing the manager research. Alec has been active in developing Alvine Capital’s reach and network in the illiquid market on both the manager and the investor side.

Alec graduated from the University of Exeter in 2012.